We offer evidenced-based treatment plans, backed by scientific research, tailored to your specific needs. Some of these treatments are:

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Coaching is a method that helps you stay on track and achieve your objectives. Coaching is beneficial because it takes clients through the steps of identifying their goals, estimating the time required for each component, addressing any obstacles, and determining whether or not the plan is effective. Coaching is applicable to various age groups. Some of the offered coaching tracks are:

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At All Brains, our experts have put together a whole library of resources for you and your family. Whether it is books we love that are perfect reads aloud with kids, deep insights into therapy tools to help challenge minds, or apps which grammar your smartphone into doing what needs to be done most effectively ---you will find it in our resource center. We cannot wait for you to get started.

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The Latest at All Brains

Sensory-Friendly Tools and Resources for Autism Caregivers
Sensory-Friendly Tools and Res ...

Our goal is to support children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their development and functional independence both in school and at home. A significant part of recent practice involves identifying and addressing barriers related to sensory integration dysfunction, commonly found in children with ASD.

Sensory integration dysfunction can manifest as either hyposensitivity (requiring increased stimuli) or hypersensiti ...

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: The Emotional Pain of ADHD Unveiled
Rejection Sensitive Dy ...

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) is a prevalent yet not formally recognized symptom of ADHD, marked by intense emotional pain and discomfort in response to real or perceived rejection, criticism, or failure. Alth ...

Stanford Study Identifies Genes Linked to Autism, Advancing Understanding of Brain Development Disorders
Stanford Study Identif ...

Stanford University researchers, utilizing sophisticated tools to simulate brain development in lab conditions, have identified numerous genes that potentially disrupt critical stages of brain development, potentially ...

Welcoming Dr. Shahab Ghorashi: Distinguished Psychiatrist Joins AllBrains Clinic
Welcoming Dr. Shahab G ...
We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Shahab Ghorashi, a distinguished psychiatrist with a rich academic and clinical background, has joined our team at AllBrains Clinic.
Following his medical degree, Dr. Ghoras ...



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