Dr. Amin Eslami

Doctor of Psychology


Dr. Amin Eslami

I see myself as a pragmatist and an idealist with a diversity of interests within and outside the field of mental health, and believe that we are all “works in progress.” Since 2017, I have specialized in psychological testing, assessment, parent training and consultation. Some areas in which I frequently work include: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, social/communication differences, and autism spectrum disorder. What I enjoy most about evaluating young people is figuring out why kids do what they do, particularly those who might be labeled as “troublemakers.” I believe that all kids want to do well, and some need more support than others. I love finding kids’ strengths and what drives them, as well as those areas where they need more support, and then explaining it so it’s understandable and helpful for those who care for and work with them.


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