Dr. Hossein Eslami

Registered Psychologist


Dr. Hossein Eslami

I earned my undergraduate psychology degree at Simon Fraser University before going to graduate school in the United States for five years. In 2021, I graduated from Texas Tech University, with a doctorate in counselling psychology. Although I formed deep connections in Texas over those five years, as a Vancouverite, I was always eager to return home and give back to my community. I was accepted into my first choice of pre-doctoral residency at University of British Columbia's Counseling Services in 2020, allowing me to return home a year sooner than planned. Since finishing my residency and receiving my PhD, I have been working at UBC Counseling Services as a staff psychologist. I find it incredibly fulfilling and meaningful to work with college students, helping them as they strive to overcome obstacles and thrive at UBC. In this role, I offer individual and group therapy, workshops and training sessions to the UBC community, as well as supervision to Master's level practicum psychology students. I am also involved in other academic and administrative activities, such as program development, research, and quality evaluations.

Furthermore, throughout the last three years, I have worked hard to seize every chance to gain more experience in comprehensive psychological and psychiatric evaluations of children and adolescents. More specifically, I was part of a team in the evaluation of over a hundred patients suffering from neurodevelopmental problems such as autism and ADHD.
I am registered with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia , and I am passionate about assessment and psychological interventions across the lifespan. I particularly enjoy working with very young children and their families. I am always looking for opportunities to learn more about assessment and intervention approaches that are effective with this population. In my work, I aim to create a warm and supportive environment in which clients can feel comfortable exploring the challenges they are facing. I believe that everyone has the capacity for growth and change, and it is my privilege to help clients on their journey of self-discovery.


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