Elizabeth (Liz) Sourisseau

Registered Clinical Counselor
Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Clinician

M.A., M.A., RCC

Elizabeth (Liz) Sourisseau

My passion is to help young adults, teens, and children to develop a solid foundation from which to navigate the various stages of development and successfully launch into adulthood. Parents and the family environment significantly influence their development, wellbeing, and ability to flourish. I am a client-centered therapist who easily connects with people of all ages which fosters a sense of safety and trust allowing clients to open-up quickly. This naturally helps me to understand the nature of the problem(s) my clients are facing and how to resolve them. As a results-oriented therapist I take a systematic and yet very intuitive approach to address the presenting concerns of my clients. I have over 20 years’ experience providing mental health services for children and their families which includes assessment and treatment for infant-mother/father dyads, young and middle-aged children, teenagers, and young adults. The range of difficulties parents and their children have sought and received meaningful help for, includes common problems (anxiety, anger, difficult behaviors, grief/loss, social-relationship problems, mood, suicidal ideation, self-harm, developmental concerns, identity, parent-child conflicts) and those less common (skin picking, tics, psychosis). I use evidence-based and/or best practices in both assessment and treatment phases and am transparent in my approach and the rationale behind it. Based on the feedback I have received from clients and the outcomes we achieved together, I am confident I can help you and/or your family with the mental health or related problems you are facing. If you think I am a good fit for you and/or your child, please book an appointment so we can start creating the positive changes you are seeking.


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