Laurie Meston

Educator (Student Support Liaison)

BEd, MEd

Laurie Meston

I have an extensive background in general education and special education with a BEd from UBC and an MEd from the University of Alberta in special education.

I have held many different positions in the public education system including as a: Classroom Teacher, Special Education Teacher, School Support Teacher, District Helping Teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, Director of Student Support Services, Assistant Superintendent, and Deputy Superintendent. Retiring from the public-school system in 2017, I’ve spent the past few years providing educational consultation to school districts throughout BC; collaborating with school teams and families to develop positive educational programming to increase student success; and teaching online special education courses for BC teachers through the Continuing Teacher Education office, Faculty of Education at Queen’s University.

I work from a deep-seated belief that every child CAN learn, and through collaboration with school staffs, community/district supports and families, we can team together to find ways to maximize children’s potential and success in school and in the community. Seeking to understand what is preventing success, adjusting our lens to look at strengths and possibilities rather than weaknesses and difficulties, allows us to remove barriers, teach/adapt to lagging skills and move forward with optimism and hope. Setting small obtainable goals with clear steps to reach them, allows us to jointly celebrate children’s growth and success.

“Kids do well if they can”
Ross Greene, 2010

“See a child differently, you see a different child”
Dr. Stuart Shankar 2015


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