In-depth Psychoeducational Assessment
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An Integrated Psychoeducational Assessment of Learning, Attention, Memory and Mental Status by a Multidisciplinary Team

It may feel like school is tough. You or your child might think you're just not getting it, that everyone else understands except for you. It can be frustrating and even embarrassing. But what if it's not your fault —that there's a reason why school is harder for you than it is for other people? Learning disabilities are neurodevelopmental disorders that affect the way information is processed. They're quite common; more children in Canada have a learning disability than all other types of disabilities combined, and they're not something you can just snap out of. But the good news is that with proper diagnosis and treatment, learning disabilities don't have to hold you back. All Brains Clinic offers in-depth psychoeducational assessments to identify learning disabilities, as well as any other coexisting disorders, and create custom treatment plans to help you or your child succeed in school and in life.

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