Alistair Gordon
Registered Clinical Counselor

Alistair Gordon

Alistair brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a human-centered approach to mental health services, further strengthening our commitment to comprehensive and integrative mental healthcare.

Alistair is an experienced and multifaceted mental health professional, holding the position of Adjunct Professor of Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and serves as both a clinician and operations leader at All Brains Clinic.

Therapeutic Expertise
Alistair has built a reputation for offering comprehensive counselling services that include treatment for anxiety, stress, mild-to-moderate depression, phobias, and a host of other mental health concerns, and self-development. His therapeutic expertise is not confined to individual care; he also extends his skills to couples in need of relationship counselling.

Unique Therapeutic Approach
Alistair's approach is an integrative model that combines the insights of neuroscience with various therapeutic techniques. This unique blend incorporates Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioural, EMDR, Emotion-Focused therapies, and Clinical Hypnosis. Clients benefit from this holistic approach, gaining practical tools and knowledge in:

Understanding the intricate functionalities of the brain and mind
Identifying the roots of psychological distress
Learning strategies for stress and anger management
Acquiring techniques for self-exploration and resilience
Gaining insights into emotion management
Developing effective thinking and problem-solving skills
Altering core beliefs for a healthier mental state
Relationship Counselling
In the realm of relationship counselling, Alistair emphasizes the importance of constructive communication, emotional understanding, and skill development to foster stronger connections, validation, and overall satisfaction between partners.

Beyond Professionalism
Alistair's dedication extends beyond his professional commitments. As a loving husband and devoted father, he is passionate about inspiring individuals to lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Committed to continual learning, he invests significant personal time in research and skill refinement.

Eclectic Interests
When he is not engrossed in research or family commitments, Alistair's interests range from martial arts to history, military strategy, argumentation, science, and philosophy, highlighting his well-rounded persona.


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