Dr. John H. Taylor

Registered Psychologist


Dr. John H. Taylor

Dr. Taylor has over 45 years experience in the human services field, and 27 years as a registered psychologist (CPBC #1444) providing service for:

Blended family dynamics
Sexual abuse within families
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Mood or behaviour challenges
Conduct Disorder.

One of Dr. Taylor’s areas of specialization is the treatment of OCD, in-person or on an out-reach basis.
He has extensive experience working with adolescents and youth working with Hollyburn Youth and Family Services - both in treatment and as a staff trainer.

Dr. Taylor has also worked with foster and adoptive parents for the last 24 years. He is eager to help in this challenging area and is well aware how hard it is for these parents to get real and useful support.
He also developed the original "Boundaries" program for children who were acting out in unusual, sexual ways, and worked with provincial government and the Vancouver School Board, (and several other school board throughout BC) to develop guidelines for school staff in responding to unusual behaviours in academic settings.

He continues to engage clients in finding real change, and is especially enthused about the integrated service model represented by ABC Clinic.


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