Sanaa Sanjad

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor


Sanaa Sanjad

Sanaa operates the Launchpad Program which is designed to follow up on assessments provided by other members of the clinic. As such, it is part of the continuum of services that comprise the All Brains Clinic.
This program intends to promote greater independence skills. This is a program for children and young people with social anxiety problems and have had difficulty with school settings, other peer group settings, job settings, etc. These are people who are reluctant to leave their family home and need more confidence in social settings
Sanaa uses CBT as a basic method in this program but more importantly she uses exposure therapy. This means that she gradually - with a tremendous amount of personal engagement - encourages young people to tackle situations that are just “a little bit outside their comfort zone” and then progressively moves towards other situations which are even more difficult for them. People who have trouble reading social cues - particularly those with autism and ADHD are people who would benefit greatly from this program.
In addition, Sanaa has significant experience in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or with those people diagnosed with major depression or schizophrenia, using the same CBT concepts.
The use of exposure therapy is essential for the treatment for all these conditions, and Sanaa is flexible in the way in which she conducts exposure therapy. Often exposures will be required in a community setting and this is where flexibility is a tremendous part of her success. She meets with people in malls. Parks, sky train stations, coffee shops, even swimming pools.
Sanaa recognizes and appreciates the difficulty clients have in expressing and dealing the difficult emotions they encounter in treatment.


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